Pregnancy, Ante Natal and Post Natal

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Ante Natal & Post Natal

It is very common for pregnant women to experience difficulties when turning over in bed, getting out of the car, walking, standing up, going up & down stairs. These activities may cause pain in the back and pubic area, with symptoms becoming worse as the pregnancy progresses. This is often referred to as pelvic girdle pain.


Post pregnancy can be difficult for women to feel like their body has returned to normal. Diastasis recti is a condition where the abdominal muscles remain separated. This may be accompanied with back pain.

Breast feeding, lifting car seats and carrying your baby around can also be the cause of upper and lower back pain.


Breast feeding

For some women breastfeeding can be a very challenging journey. Blocked milk ducts, mastitis, engorgement, pain and inflammation can cause disruption in breastfeeding or unfortunately for some, mean the end of their breastfeeding journey altogether. As a Women’s Health Physiotherapist and a mum myself, I understand the challenges this brings. Treatments can include massage, ultrasound, tapping and positional advice. If you would like more information, feel free to contact me.

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