Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Pre Surgery Physiotherapy sessions put you in the strongest condition before surgery. We look at your current range of movement, mobility and strength to see how we can optimise these to help you through surgery and recovery. Patients who have already started rehab exercises before their replacement surgery, generally recover more easily.

Common problems following surgery are swelling, pain, restricted movement and worries about reducing the use of walking aids whilst returning to normal activities. Often people are discharged from hospital without a clear plan of what to do.

Post - Fracture Rehabilitation

Your fracture may have healed and you’re not wearing a cast any more, but it is likely that the affected joint is now very stiff, sore and feels very weak. Shoulder and neck pain are very common side effects from using crutches or wearing a sling.

Physiotherapy will help:

Hip Replacements
Knee Replacements
Shoulder Surgery
Ankle Surgery
ACL Reconstruction

Benefits include

Reduction in pain
Increased mobility
Increased range of movement
Easier return to normal activities
Improved muscle strength

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