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I came to Claire after looking for a physio who specialised in Women’s Health. Claire helped me to strengthen my pelvic floor and gave me the confidence to get back to my workout routine slowly and safely advising me throughout the last few months. Thank you Claire for helping me!


After experiencing extreme pain in left shoulder area, I made appointment with Claire Stay at Stay Fit Physiotherapy in Station Road Rainham. I've had 5 sessions now with this exceptional physiotherapist who has manipulated my shoulder and upper arm muscles with such expertise that now I suffer no pain except through Claire's massage. I have found Claire to be the ultimate professional with her massages and exercises that has improved my quality of well being 100%. She is a credit to her profession and my thanks to her for solving my muscle problem. Her practise is fully Covid safe with PPE and hand sanitizer readily available and I have no qualms of attending there. As I've said ultimate professional and no hesitation in the strongest recommendation for her.


Claire is so lovely. Highly recommend her! xx

Cat Alp

I would highly recommend Claire. She is an amazing Women’s Health physio. She helped me understand exactly what I needed to do to improve my pelvic floor. She was very discreet and I felt comfortable at all times. It’s lovely being able to cough and sneeze without worrying about the consequences! Go and see her - she’s fab!

Carol Seaborne

Claire is an absolute wonder and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I love running and if I can’t run due to injury it’s really frustrating. Claire not only makes sure she helps me to repair quickly but safely, she finds ways to make sure I can keep moving. Her expertise in women’s health is second to none. Again her techniques to help are easy to implement and make a massive difference.

Deborah Turner

The best decision I ever made was to ask for Claire’s help after a total knee replacement. She came to my home and went through some exercises and gave practical advice. She pushed me further than I would have gone but I felt the benefit straight away. Thoroughly recommend Claire.

Pamela Sampson

I cannot praise Claire enough! She is down to earth, approachable and fully supportive in a situation that can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Claire made me feel so comfortable and we laughed through the awkwardness. The work she has done with me now means I don’t feel I need surgery to correct my prolapse. I can once again live life normally and comfortably. After years of painful endometriosis and a grade 3 prolapse I was facing the prospect of a hysterectomy and prolapse surgery, I now feel confident to delay this and can once again jump on a trampoline with my kids!! Thank you Claire.

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